Joanne schiavone

As a child I swam in the ocean until my lips turned blue. My environmental identity is strongly linked to water and I find myself working edges: the edges between the sand and the ocean, the bank and the river, the rock and the stream. Time is spent walking with my antennae attuned to gathering in the sense of each locale. My pauses to observe are captured with photography and the gathering of natural materials.

A few years ago, I moved to Southeastern PA. Missing the large open space of ocean, I searched for the nearest large body of water and found the Susquehanna River. I’m learning how this river runs, what happens along its path, its history and where its headwaters and final destination lie. This is my local water and the mile wide open space is the area where I seek to develop my new sense of place and learn how to sustain a environmentally ethical lifestyle.

To my sculptures, the inspiration comes both from nature and the recycled everyday leftovers of our material culture. So….sometimes it is picking up sticks and stones and other times it’s haunting the flea markets and junk shops for treasures. Back and forth between nature and culture, both types of objects mesh into my work and speak of wonder and curiosity with nature’s systems.My goal is to become familiar with those systems and take an active and responsible role in their survival.

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